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NYC CHARTER, Deptartment of Cultural Affairs, Ch. 67
§2501-2505 (pre-CULTURAL PLAN §2506 )

from the NYC Goverment website:

  • CHAPTER 67
  • § 2501. Department; commissioner. There shall be a department of cultural affairs, the head of which shall be the commissioner of cultural affairs.
  • § 2503. Powers and duties of commissioner. Except as otherwise provided by law, the commissioner shall have the power and duty: (a) to plan, acquire, design, construct, improve and manage facilities for the conduct of cultural activities by the city and, to the extent possible, to use the resources of other agencies to perform design and planning functions subject to the approval of such agencies; (b) to plan, develop, conduct and supervise such cultural activities; and (c) to foster coordination among city, state and federal agencies, other organizations and institutions with respect to cultural activities in the city.
  • § 2504. Budget estimates of cultural institutions. The capital and expense budget estimates, to the extent involving expenditures to be paid from the city treasury, of all institutions or other organizations engaging in cultural activities in the city, shall be submitted to the commissioner, who shall submit such expense budget estimates to the director of management and budget and such capital budget estimates to the mayor, the borough presidents, the council, and the city planning commission in accordance with law, together with the commissioner's recommendations.
  • § 2505. Cultural affairs advisory commission.
  • 1. There shall be in the department a cultural affairs advisory commission consisting of not fewer than fifteen nor more than twenty-one members, exclusive of a deputy mayor, the commissioner of cultural affairs, and the commissioner of parks and recreation, who shall serve as ex-officio members. The members of the advisory commission shall serve without compensation.
  • 2. a. Members other than ex-officio members shall be appointed by the mayor for a term of three years and provided that of those members first taking office one-third shall serve for one year, one-third shall serve for two years and the remainder shall serve for three years. Notwithstanding the date of appointment, the terms of members first taking office shall be deemed to commence on the effective date of this chapter.
    b. The mayor shall designate one of the members of the commission to be chairman and one to be vice-chairman.
  • 3. The commission shall advise the commissioner and the mayor with respect to cultural activities in the city and in furtherance of this function shall:
    a. formulate and recommend goals with regard to cultural activities and policy;
    b. foster coordination among city, state and federal agencies and other organizations and institutions with respect to cultural activities; c. compile data and reports and submit its findings to the commissioner and the mayor; and
    d. perform such other related functions and duties which may, from time to time, be deemed appropriate by the mayor.
  • 4. All city agencies are directed to cooperate with the commission, consistent with the law, in order to coordinate and promote cultural activities in this city.
  • (continue to the amendment § 2506 - specifiying the development of the the Cultural Plan)