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from the Department of Cultural Affairs press release October 13, 2016:

The NYC Department of Cultural Affairs plans to develop a Cultural Plan for the City of New York by July 1, 2017. The plan will address such issues as:

  • • The availability and distribution of cultural activities throughout the City
  • • The relationships between cultural activities and social and economic health
  • • The role of and feedback from the community outreach process in the development of the plan
  • • The needs of artists regarding affordable housing and work space
  • • Increasing arts education and cultural programming in schools
  • • How cultural activities can be incorporated into community development, economic development and land-use planning processes and policies
  • • How city agencies will coordinate with respect to cultural activities
  • • Descriptions of current efforts to address the above
  • • Short-term, medium-term or long-term recommendations, initiatives and priorities for the future
  • • The plan would be executed using a combination of staff and consultant(s)
  • • The plan would integrate insights from the Social impact of the Arts Project research
  • • The plan would also leverage insights into residents of our low-income communities that we will be securing through such projects as the Building Community Capacity program, which builds the capacity of cohorts of cultural organizations in neighborhoods; our Cultural Partnerships with City Agencies, including NYC Housing Authority, Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, Mayor's Office of Veterans' Affairs and others; and the insights of the Social Impact of the Arts Project.


Mid-April, 2017 - Original dates for draft of NYC plan.
May 2017 - Official draft released to the public.
June 30, 2017- City Council vote to approve the plan.