mutual engagements with art: a common share is a way to experience art outside of commerce, theory, and critique.

A Common SHARE

is a program that allows communities to share artwork from within the local neighborhood for up to 3 months at a time. The idea being that artists have many artworks at any given time that can be shared with the community, and the community in turn has the wall-space to display and care for the artwork. The program is based on mutual trust and helps create connections between local community members who partake in the program as either sharering member, caregivers, or both.

artCommons at The Queens Museum, December 15, 2013
Art Made Common II, The Queens Museum Dec. 15, 2013

Pilot Program

The program, orginally called artCommons held it’s first season of shares in Jackson Heights Queens with the encouragement and support from the Queens Museum. The program also creates a collective effort for pooling of resources and sharing the wealth of

local creativity. Sharing events took place during community festivals, and art activities were offered for children by participating local artist. Over the span of just two events, 36 months of artwork shares were recorded!

Go Local

If you would like to set-up A Common Share in your neighborhood, please contact us:

Pilot support for the program in Jackson Heights, NY came from:
The Queens Museum
Citizens Committee for New York City

Local hosts included:
Terraza 7
Sukhi New York
Espresso 77
Jackson Heights Green Alliance
Museum of Chinese in America
Immigrant Movement International

The pilot project would not have happened without the trust and support from all the local artists and community members in Jackson Heights. For this, we thanks everyone who was involved in the project.